Municipal Equipment for Sale

RNOW is your premier municipal equipment company. We offer the most comprehensive selection of American-made equipment. Whether you need sewer cleaning equipment, street cleaning equipment, or even snowplow parts, our experts can help you identify the right products for your project. From hook lifts and cart lifters to wheeled carts and front loaders, RNOW has all your municipal equipment needs covered.

Municipal Refuse Company With Guaranteed Quality

Attention street sweepers, municipal refuse, private waste management and snow removal industries: You’ve come to the right place! RNOW provides you with the highest quality municipal equipment, including waste haulers, garbage trucks, sewer jetters, flail mowers, transfer trailers and more. We partner with the industry’s top manufacturers, ensuring you receive the best equipment for your project requirements. A few of our leading manufacturers include Bridgeport, Loadmaster, Ampliroll, E-Z Pack and Toter. RNOW’s superior equipment, paired with our drive for exceptional customer service and satisfaction, makes our municipal equipment sales unmatched by the competition.

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Bayne Premium Lift Systems and Municipal Refuse Equipment for Sale

Bayne solid waste removal solutions are engineered for exceptional performance in private waste management, sewer cleaning and municipal refuse industries. As a leading municipal equipment manufacturer of Premium Lift Systems, actuator products, cart tippers, hydraulic lift carts and pinion products, Bayne offers exceptional, effective, and efficient waste management. These designer lifter systems are specifically crafted for garbage trucks and refuse trucks.

With nearly 50 years of solid waste management experience, Bayne’s municipal refuse solutions are levels above other waste removal companies. A world leader in waste management equipment, Bayne is a premier pick for RNOW’s selection of quality manufacturers. Bayne’s equipment may be rented or purchased through RNOW, and is available in Minnesota, Indiana and throughout our Midwest service areas.

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Drop Frame Side Loaders to Recycling Trucks, Bridgeport Delivers on Quality

Bridgeport has been manufacturing high quality solid waste disposal equipment for over 30 years. Bridgeport specializes in the production of hydraulic lift carts, garbage trucks, recycling trucks, premium lift systems, dump trailers and other municipal equipment.

As an industry leader, Bridgeport’s municipal equipment sales rival most other waste removal companies. Bridgeport’s sterling reputation for exceptional customer service, combined with their high quality equipment, makes this manufacturer a top choice for RNOW’s ring of elite municipal supply companies. Bridgeport solid waste disposal equipment may be rented or purchased through RNOW and is available in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and throughout our Midwest service areas.

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Side Lifters, Front Load Cart Lifters and Rear Cart Load Lifters, Diamondback Matches Quality and Affordability

Diamondback Products continues to lead the solid waste removal industry in providing the most innovative, high quality and affordable side lifters, front load cart lifters, helical rotary actuator side load units, rear load cart lifters and specialty load cart lifters. By virtually eliminating cart bottom bar damage, Diamondback Products has become one of the fastest growing cart tipper companies in the U. S. As the original developer of the 3rd Man side and rear load cart tippers, Diamondback Products has expertly engineered two bar cart compatibility.

Diamondback Products’ municipal equipment is constructed compactly to eliminate the need for lifting arms, which greatly decreases the maintenance expense of moving components. Shock resistant and corrosion resistant, Diamondback Products’ cart lifters are built to endure without requiring frequent maintenance. Plus, with higher than standard rated weight capacities and steeper dump angles this waste disposal equipment is engineered to perform.

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Flail Mowers, Land Clearing Equipment and Other Industrious Municipal Equipment

As one of the largest manufacturers of land clearing equipment, brush cutters and tractor-mounted mowers, Alamo Industrial is widely recognized as an industry leader. Durable and highly efficient, Alamo Industrial’s line of road clearing, ground maintenance and vegetation management vehicles are engineered for superior performance. RNOW offers a wide variety of Alamo Industrial’s municipal equipment including boom, rotary, sickle bar and flail mowers as well as various ditchers, loaders and cutting heads. By partnering with Alamo Industrial, RNOW enables you to tackle the toughest and most demanding municipal or agricultural projects.

With over 40 years of field experience manufacturing the highest quality municipal equipment, it is evident why RNOW includes Alamo Industrial in our band of reputable manufacturers. RNOW offers Alamo Industrial products for sale or rent in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and throughout our entire United States service area.

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Ampliroll Hook Lift System Municipal Equipment for Sale

Marrel has been manufacturing Ampliroll municipal hook lift equipment for over 40 years. The Ampliroll hook lift system is recognized for achieving Best in Class Life Span and Best in Class Payload. A form fit jib, superior ground level loading and user-friendly operation makes the Ampliroll hook lift system a premier choice for a variety of municipal industries.

As an expert in the field, RNOW elected to include Marrel hook lift products within our circle of trusted manufacturers. RNOW offers Ampliroll hook lifts for sale and for municipal equipment rental. Rented or purchased, the Marrel hook lift is available through RNOW in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and throughout our Midwest service area. RNOW prides itself on supplying our customers with the highest quality, American made equipment from the leading municipal equipment manufacturers.

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Poly-Flow Tubing and Hose Manufacturers are Relied on for Durable Performance

Poly-Flow tubing and hoses are manufactured with thermoplastic for ultimate durability and performance in high stress conditions. From sewer cleaning and water jetter hoses to paint spray and specialty hoses, Poly-Flow is the expert when it comes to manufacturing thermoplastic tubing and hoses. With over 30 years of industry experience, innovative advancements and a broad range of hoses and tubing, RNOW has elected to incorporate Poly-Flow into our line of municipal equipment manufacturers.

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Garbage Truck Supplier, Lodal Meets Your Municipal Needs

Lodal garbage trucks and recycling trucks come with side loaders, front loaders, and bucket loader capabilities for effective and efficient solid waste disposal. Lodal’s refuse haulers are completely customizable to suit your specific commercial or residential solid waste management needs. An innovator among garbage truck suppliers, Lodal also offers environmentally-conscious municipal refuse vehicles.

Lodal is a leading manufacturer of wheel bearing oil, piston ring products, bell crank and bell crank assembly and shim products. Lodal manufactures the industry’s most trusted line of parts for the garbage truck service industry.

RNOW partners with Lodal’s line of front loaders, bucket loaders and eco-friendly municipal refuse vehicles to provide you with quality garbage truck rentals and garbage trucks for sale. Lodal municipal equipment sales outrank many other garbage truck suppliers. Lodal’s recycling haulers and refuse trucks are available through RNOW in Illinois, Wisconsin and throughout our Midwest service area.

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Dump Truck Tarps to Electric Roll Tarps, Roll-Rite has Innovative Municipal Equipment Solutions

Roll-Rite tarps and tarp systems have been expertly manufactured for over 20 years. These tarp systems are ideal for municipal vehicles used in street sweeping and solid waste disposal. Roll-Rite’s innovative tarp solutions include truck tarps, dump truck tarps, roll tarps, electric roll tarps and other advanced rolling tarp systems.

With a multitude of patented and Patent Pending tarp systems and numerous awards for innovative tarps for sale, it is clear why RNOW partners with Roll-Rite. Whatever tarps you require for your vehicles or equipment, we have you covered. RNOW offers Roll-Rite tarps for sale or rent in Wisconsin and throughout our Midwest service area.

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Street Sweepers for Sale with Other Municipal Refuse Equipment

Schwarze provides exemplary street cleaning equipment and road maintenance equipment for street sweeps, road patching and storm water runoff management. Schwarze is a leading manufacturer of black bushing pipe fittings, fan housing, bearing insert products, the Donaldson filter and much more.

Schwarze also produces high quality municipal vehicles in a variety of models and sizes to suit your specific street sweeping and municipal road maintenance projects. With a multitude of innovative eco-conscious vehicles, user-friendly operator features and quality construction, these road maintenance vehicles are engineered for convenience and performance.

With over 30 years of experience manufacturing highly effective and efficient municipal equipment, it is clear why RNOW includes Schwarze in our team of trusted manufacturers. RNOW offers Schwarze products for sale or rent in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and throughout our Midwest service area.

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Front Loaders to Rear Loaders to Automated Trucks, E-Z Pack Crafts Quality Products

E-Z Pack is a recognized leader in the garbage truck supplier industry. E-Z Pack manufactures maximum performance front loaders, rear loaders and side loaders for garbage trucks, recycling trucks and other waste removal trucks. These E-Z Pack loaders are known for their strength, durability and lifespan, ensuring E-Z pack loaders are the ideal choice for effective and efficient waste removal.

E-Z Pack has been consistently proving themselves as a top manufacturer of waste disposal equipment over the last 60 years. E-Z Pack’s proven reputation and extensive industry experiences makes this municipal supply company an exceptional asset to RNOW’s network of high quality municipal equipment manufacturers. E-Z Pack products may be rented or purchased from RNOW and are available in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and throughout the United States.

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Recycling and Solid Waste Removal Vehicles and Equipment from G-S Products

G-S Products has been revered as a major player in the municipal refuse industry. The waste disposal equipment company sets the standard for innovative, durable and performance-driven solid waste removal vehicles and equipment. G-S Products specializes in garbage trucks, recycling trucks, side loaders, top loaders, compactors, and other solid waste recycling, refuse collecting equipment and municipal vehicles.

G-S Products is a proud member of the industry’s most noteworthy affiliations, including the National Truck Equipment Association, the Solid Waste Association of North America and the Waste Equipment Technology Association. Now, G-S Products has joined the ranks of RNOW as an established and reputable municipal equipment and vehicle manufacturer. RNOW provides the G-S Products line in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and throughout our U. S. service area.

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O’Brien Sewer Jetter and Hydrojetter Municipal Equipment

O’Brien is a subset of Hi-Vac and has been manufacturing innovative sewer cleaning equipment for more than 50 years. O’Brien sewer jetter and hydrojetter municipal equipment has proven to be exceptionally reliable under the most demanding applications. O’Brien’s line of municipal equipment is created specifically for the cleaning of sanitation pipes, catch basins, storm sewers, lift stations and treatment plants. From sewer jetters and hydrojetters to cart jetters and combination units, O’Brien has been a trusted source for the municipal refuse industry for many years.

RNOW is excited to welcome O’Brien as one of our elite municipal equipment supply partners. We provide O’Brien new and used municipal equipment for sale or rent to cater to your unique project needs. Our municipal equipment is available throughout the Midwest region, including, but not limited to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

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Hose Assembly to Recycling Trucks, Loadmaster is an Expert in Waste Management Equipment

Loadmaster garbage trucks have been a staple in the waste management equipment industry for more than 50 years. With rear loader capabilities, Loadmaster garbage trucks and recycling trucks provide exceptionally efficient municipal refuse removal. Loadmaster specializes in manufacturing technologically advanced equipment, right down to the aircraft grade wiring. Loadmaster’s garbage trucks for sale are lighter and less expensive than what many in the garbage truck service industry offer.

Loadmaster is a top municipal equipment manufacturer of hose assembly, limit switches, electrical plugs, seal retainer products, control blocks and more. Loadmaster produces the highest quality line of equipment for recycling trucks, garbage trucks and other waste management municipal vehicles.

As a leader in garbage truck suppliers, Loadmaster has become a valuable asset for RNOW’s arena of proven manufacturers. Loadmaster and RNOW have partnered together to provide you with a garbage truck for rent or for purchase, as well as other refuse trucks for sale or for rent. The rear loader waste management trucks from Loadmaster are available through RNOW in our Midwest service area, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota.

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Precision Engineered Sewer Cleaning Equipment Components from USB-SEC

The USB Sewer Equipment Corporation is revered for manufacturing affordable, innovative and durable sewer cleaning equipment, tools and accessories for industrial and municipal equipment needs. USB-SEC’s nozzles, milling cutters and chain cutters are specially engineered to increase productivity and efficiency. USB’s products use less water and gas than traditional sewer cleaning equipment to significantly lower the operating costs of sewer jetter trucks. RNOW offers the complete line of USB sewer equipment.

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