E-Z Pack Trucks for Sale or Rent

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Front Loaders to Rear Loaders to Automated Trucks, E-Z Pack Crafts Quality Products

E-Z Pack is a recognized leader in the garbage truck supplier industry. E-Z Pack manufactures maximum-performance front loaders, rear loaders and side loaders for garbage trucks, recycling trucks and other waste removal trucks. These E-Z Pack loaders are known for their strength, durability and lifespan, ensuring E-Z pack loaders are the ideal choice for effective and efficient waste removal.

E-Z Pack has been consistently proving itself as a top manufacturer of waste disposal equipment over the last 60 years. E-Z Pack’s proven reputation and extensive industry experience make this municipal supply company an exceptional asset to RNOW’s network of high-quality municipal equipment manufacturers. E-Z Pack products may be rented or purchased from RNOW and are available in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and throughout the United States.

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E-Z Pack Manufacturing, LLC is a leading manufacturer of refuse trucks, including front and rear loaders. E-Z Pack is Located in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Brands include the popular Hercules Front Loader, the Goliath and Apollo Rear Loader.