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O’Brien Sewer Jetter and Hydrojetter Municipal Equipment

O’Brien is a subset of Hi-Vac and has been manufacturing innovative sewer cleaning equipment for more than 50 years. O’Brien sewer jetter and hydrojetter municipal equipment has proven to be exceptionally reliable under the most demanding applications. O’Brien’s line of municipal equipment is created specifically for the cleaning of sanitation pipes, catch basins, storm sewers, lift stations and treatment plants. From sewer jetters and hydrojetters to cart jetters and combination units, O’Brien has been a trusted source for the municipal refuse industry for many years.

RNOW is excited to welcome O’Brien as one of our elite municipal equipment supply partners. We provide O’Brien new and used municipal equipment for sale or rent to cater to your unique project needs. Our municipal equipment is available throughout the Midwest region, including, but not limited to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

Contact our municipal equipment company now for superior solutions for all your project needs.

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