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IRIS Pan & Tilt Mainline Crawler  
8874PLS Sonde & Pipe Locator User Manual  
8874PLSD² Locating System Spec Sheet  
8874PLSD² Locating Price Sheet  
8874PLSD² Transmitter  

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Insight Vision sewer and pipe inspection equipment USB SEC Sewer Cleaning Equipment Polyflow sewer Cleaning equipment

RNOW offers a huge selection of performance-driven sewer cleaning equipment. Whether you need municipal cleaning equipment catered to vacuum trailers, underground pipe cleaning, waste hauling or any other municipal refuse projects, RNOW has you covered. From waste haulers to combination sewer jetters, we have the sewer cleaning vehicles, parts and equipment to meet the harshest demands.

RNOW partners with the industry’s leading municipal cleaning equipment manufacturers, including Aquatech, Obrien Trailer Jetters, Cobra Hose, and USB-SEC Nozzles to provide you with the biggest and best variety. Our municipal equipment company has highly trained specialists who work with you to determine the right product for the right project at the right price. We even offer municipal vehicle leasing for short term needs, as well as financing options for larger investments. Whatever waste disposal vehicles or equipment you require, turn to RNOW.

We provide service all over the Midwest, including Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and other surrounding states.

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