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RNOW sells OEM replacement parts for your Schwarze A9 Monson regenerative air sweeper. Our OEM replacement parts are directly built by the manufacturer and keep your A9 Monsoon operating efficiently and safely. RNOW replacement parts are designed to provide years of service.

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A9 Monsoon Regenerative Air Street Sweeper

The Schwarze® A9 Monsoon™ is a robust, chassis-mounted regenerative air street sweeper that boasts a 9.6 cubic yard hopper, the largest in the industry. With its ample capacity, it provides efficient sweeping and minimal dumping, making it a popular choice in areas where leaf sweeping is a routine activity. To complement its large hopper, the A9 Monsoon has the largest dump door in its class, ensuring easy dumping of a fully packed hopper. Like other Schwarze sweepers, it has drop-down screens with a large flow area and saw tooth design, enabling debris to reach the screens without clogging.

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RNOW has in-stock parts for various types of Schwarze sweepers including street sweepers, tractor sweepers, parking lot sweepers, road sweepers and others. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and OEM parts at an economical price.

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Chassis Heavy-duty, chassis-mounted
Hopper Capacity 9.6 cubic yards, largest standard hopper in the industry
Dump Door Largest in its class, easy dumping of fully packed hopper
Screen Design Large flow area saw tooth drop-down screens, prevents clogging
Type of Sweeper Regenerative air street sweeper

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