600' Cobra Sewer Cleaning Hose 2500 PSI X 1"

Brand: Poly Flow
Part Number: C 4625TS-16-600
SKU: 4625TS-16-600

Product Features

Series 4625 - 600' Orange Sewer Hose on Wooden Reel

Cobra Sewer Cleaning Hose 2500 PSI Constant Pressure

Sewer Cleaning
Sewer and Water Jetting Equipment
Not for Hydraulic Applications

Bonded Construction
Excellent Kink Resistance and Flexibility
Orange Color Denotes 2500 PSI
Low Coefficient of Friction
Excellent Cut, Gouge and Abrasion Resistance
2,500 PSI W.P.
Offered in 3/4 and 1 inch sizes

Tube – Polyester Elastomer (Cream Color)
Reinforcement – Single Polyester Braid
Cover – Proprietary Polyurethane Blend (“Tuff-Skin”)
Cover Color – Orange, Non-Perforated

-40ºF to +135ºF
-40ºC to +57ºC
(Limited to +150ºF (+66ºC) for water-based or fire resistant fluids)
(Delta) Working length @ rated WPSI: ±2% max.