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Product Number: EVO-T-28

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Product Features

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Lodal EVO T-28:

  • Fully integrated cab, chassis and body
  • Allison automatic transmission
  • Antilock braking system on rear wheels
  • Spicer drive lines
  • Drive/Steer front axle
  • S-CAM brakes, with automatic slack adjusters on all wheels
  • Route service and holding brake system
  • Fast idle engine cut out to protect drive lines and transmission
  • Low step-in, dual stand-up drive cab
  • Dual cab fans
  • Three position roof vent
  • Air horn
  • Hopper night light
  • Battery Kill Switch
  • Left hand bang board
  • Front and rear mud flaps
  • Closed wheel openings with rubber molding

Vehicle Weight Rating  

G.V.W. 52,000 lbs.

Vehicle Empty Weights (approx.)

Front axle - 16,500 lbs.
Rear axle -- 11,000 lbs.
Total ------- 27,500 lbs.

Front Drive Axle & Springs

20,000 lbs. cap. Dana SD66-1X
axle Ratios: 6:21
Front Springs - 12,000 lbs. cap. ea. @ pad, 4" X 52" - 10 Leaf
Front Shock Absorbers
Integral Pinion Mt'd 1:1 Drop box

Independent Rear Suspension

Tandem axle w/equalizer Beam
Dana Wheel Ends - Non-driving

Front & Rear Tires & Wheels

Front : 15.0 X 22.5 18 Ply Goodyear G286 Radials
Rear: 15.0 X 22.5 18 Ply Goodyear G286 Radials
Pressed Disc Wheels - 12.25 Rim - 10 Stud

Refuse Body - 25 cu. yd. cap.

Tailgate - Top Hinged, Self Locking
Tailgate Hyd. Cyls. - 4" D X 23.25" Stroke
Integrated Body, Hopper & Forward Frame

Side Loading Hopper (Midships)

1.65 cu. yd. cap. (330 gal.) Straight Down Sides
32" Deep X 50" Wide X 48" Long
Loading Height - 34" Running Board 48" - from Ground
10" Fold-up Bang Board - Left Side Hopper

Side Running Boards

Within width of vehicle Low Step - 9" to 11" height 12" W X 60" L Plus 17" Platform
Skid Resistant Open Tread

Compactor Ram & Load Ejector

130,000 lb. Compaction Force @ 3000 P.S. I.
2 Hyd. Cyls. - 3 Stage telescopic 5.25" D. 1st Stage, 4.25" D. 2nd Stage, 3.25" D 3rd Stage
Compactor Ram - 50" Wide X 32" Deep with 72" Long Rigid Top Cover

Hydraulic System (3,000 P.S.I.)

Pump - Gear Type, 30 GPM @ 1400 RPM
Pump Drive - Direct off Engine Crankshaft
Direct PTO Shaft - Spicer 1350
Hyd. Res. - 48 gal. w/Sight Gauge
Hyd. Control valve - 2 Spool (Air Oper. Compact) Push Button hyd.
Compaction Control & Emergency Stop Button on each side of hopper & inside cab
Manual Hyd. Control Levers each side of Hopper

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