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The Schwarze A8000 Street Sweeper is a heavy duty, chassis-mounted sweeper with a 5.8 cubic yard capacity hopper. Power is provided by a 4.5 liter turbocharged diesel engine, the John Deere model 4045T. The Schwarze A8000 sweeper is an ideal choice for use in a wide range of demanding road sweeping applications andis America's only variable high-dumping regenerative air sweeper. The A8000 has enough height to offload directly into a dump truck with sideboards.

The Schwarze model A8000 sweeper sweeps with an environmentally-friendly regenerative air system and can dump at a 45-degree angle from operator-controlled heights of between 36 and 118 inches. The design of the A8000 sweeper s based on the acclaimed Schwarze A7000 sweeper, which has had over 15 years of successful operation throughout the United States and around the world. The A8000 sweeper's Schwarze-exclusive WhisperWheelsm blower system generates a high velocity air column that is propelled into the top of the sweeping head through a 14- inch blast tube. The air is first pressurized in the upper chamber of the sweeping head, then expelled into the head's lower chamber through what is called a "blast orifice." This is a slot in the sweeping head that forces the air against the pavement at an angle, creating a "peeling" or "knifing" effect. This high volume air blast loosens the debris from the pavement surface, then transports it across the width of the sweeping head and lifts it into the containment hopper via a 14-inch suction tube.

This highly efficient system ensures that even hard-to-reach particles hidden within pavement cracks and irregularities are removed, including the "PM-10 fines" known to contain a high percentage of heavy metals and other pollutants. Double-belted curtains on the front and rear of the sweeping head contain the circulating air flow to assure debris transfer with minimal escape of fugitive dust.


In contrast to mechanical broom sweepers, the A8000 sweeper collects and retains a much higher percentage of the micron-sized contaminants that accumulate on roads and streets. Recent studies emphasize the importance of removing these "PM-10 fines" due to the non-point source pollutants that contribute to stormwater runoff. Using the regenerative air Schwarze A8000 sweeper results in a cleaner street - and a cleaner environment.

In addition, the A8000 sweeper has as option the Mechani-Pneumatic® Powerhood. The central feature of this Mechani-Pneumatic® Powerhood is a windrowing mechanical broom which is positioned ahead of the blast orifice of the sweeping head, allowing for better cleaning action of both heavy materials and the fines which are known to be trapped under caked debris.

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