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RNOW sells OEM replacement parts for the Loadmaster Elite rear loader. Our waste collection truck replacement parts are built by the manufacturer and designed to provide years of service.

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Loadmaster Elite Rear Loader

The Loadmaster Elite combines the top-notch features found in our larger side loaders, all packed into a compact and efficient solution. It's perfect for short routes, addressing missed pick-ups, handling tasks in parks and recreation areas, airports, university campuses, and any situation where a smaller truck is the logical choice. Its low loading height makes it well-suited for fully automated, semi-automated, or manual collection, adapting seamlessly to even the most intricate applications.

RNOW Sells Loadmaster Elite Rear Loader Parts Online

RNOW has in-stock parts for top Labrie products like vacuum excavators, sewer cleaners, vacuum loaders, truck-mounted jetters and liquid vacuum trucks. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the necessary parts at the lowest price.

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Feature/Specification Description
Body sizes available 6 yd³ to 11 yd³
Depth of hopper 13
Cycle time 18 seconds
Compaction Up to 1000 lbs/yd³


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