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Hi-Vac Municipal Equipment for Sale

Hi-Vac Corporation is a worldwide leader of municipal equipment used in sewer cleaning, recycling and other waste management projects. Hi-Vac is comprised of various municipal equipment manufacturers, including Aquatech, O’Brien, UltraVac and X-Vac. Utilizing innovative production technology while setting the standard in excellence for quality municipal equipment solidifies Hi-Vac as an industry leader. The Hi-Vac Corporation specializes in sewer jetters, vacuum loaders, vacuum excavators, industrial vacuum systems and hydro jetters.

RNOW has elected to partner with Hi-Vac for its spotless reputation, reliable and performance-driven products and environmentally-responsible focused mission.  We are proud to include Hi-Vac products within our faction of municipal equipment manufacturers.  Rented or purchased, Hi-Vac municipal equipment is available throughout our Midwest service area, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

Contact our municipal equipment company today for additional information on our line of Hi-Vac products.