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    Lodal EVO T-28
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    Garbage Truck Supplier, Lodal Meets Your Municipal Needs

    Lodal garbage trucks and recycling trucks come with side loaders, front loaders, and bucket loader capabilities for effective and efficient solid waste disposal. Lodal’s refuse haulers are completely customizable to suit your specific commercial or residential solid waste management needs. An innovator among garbage truck suppliers, Lodal also offers environmentally-conscious municipal refuse vehicles.

    Lodal is a leading manufacturer of wheel bearing oil, piston ring products, bell crank and bell crank assembly and shim products. Lodal manufactures the industry’s most trusted line of parts for the garbage truck service industry.

    RNOW partners with Lodal’s line of front loaders, bucket loaders and eco-friendly municipal refuse vehicles to provide you with quality garbage truck rentals and garbage trucks for sale. Lodal municipal equipment sales outrank many other garbage truck suppliers. Lodal’s recycling haulers and refuse trucks are available through RNOW in Illinois, Wisconsin and throughout our Midwest service area.

    Contact our expert waste haulers today to learn more about Lodal garbage trucks for sale or rent.

    Lodal Inc. is the manufacturer of the EVO series refuse and recycling trucks. EVO ... from the word EVOLUTION ... the evolution of the compacting, residential solid waste collection truck. The EVO Smart Truck is the most advanced, the most cost effective, and the most productive residential collection vehicle on the market.

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